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When working on ships, I LOVED hosting evenings in the piano bar. It was the highlight of my week. The games, the spontaneity, the requests, the feeling of everyone having a good time and being joined together by music. When I came home, I started searching for bars like this I could go to and enjoy! I found a couple in London, and the odd, secret hidden away one elsewhere, but it got me thinking. What if you don’t have a piano bar near you? You definitely have a pub, right? But they don’t have a piano, huh. So why not create a portable act that turns ANY venue into that speak easy, singalong freely, drink til you’re queasy, special kind of place.


A piano bar experience that comes to you. An evening of singalong musical fun and outstanding live music to enjoy. Customisable and interactive, perfect for weddings, corporate events, and parties, ensuring each event is special and memorable.


Pop Up Piano Bar is comprised of professional singer Cara Dudgeon and pianist and vocalist, Gareth Wynne. Its a night at your favourite drinking establishment, with live piano, vocals and banter, with different themes available, from a night at the musicals, to pop through the decades. Its full of fun, with outstanding vocal performances for you to sit back and enjoy, but also permission to join in and get rowdy! Songs you thought were uptempo club classics, sang as ballads, ballads sang uptempo, famous male songs performed in a female key, requests taken on the spot, songs fully rehearsed, and those that we sing for the first time together right infront of your eyes. The possibilities, fun, stories and music are endless.

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